Mummy Does the biggest Poo Poos, Parenting done right

Posted by Blokeman on October 9, 2014 under General Bloke Stuff, Observations, Women | Be the First to Comment

It is amazing how quickly your world quickly revolves entirely around your child, gone are the days of parties every week, staying out all night, lots of disposable income and just general irresponsibility. This all becomes replaced quickly with a deep desire to sleep whenever you can. You miss the days where you were able to sleep in until all hours and behave in any way that suited you. You were on your own schedule and now are on the schedule of another being who seems to have boundless energy and a desire for your attention all day every day. Read more of this article »

Big Gay Following

Posted by Blokeman on September 17, 2008 under General Bloke Stuff | Be the First to Comment

I am sure that many of you have seen the British television series “Balls of Steel, with it’s cast of crazy comedians and actors who compete in a gameshow style laugh off to see who has the biggest balls or can do the most daring comedic act. It’s quite amusing, especially Neg and his Urban Sports.

There is another member on the team who calls his act “The Big Gay Following” essentially he calls workmen around to his house and when an opportunity arises, he turns up in his underwear or naked and utters the line “Fancy a Bum?”.

I was reminded of it today as I had workmen around my house putting in a new fence, I was struck with my usual morning urge to see some friends off to the coast (Have a crap). But I was struck with stage fright. It took me long enough to not be worried about backing one out with my Mrs in the same house, but workmen are a whole new story, what happens if they come looking for me and catch me laying cables. What if it smells so bad that even I am gagging, and they run off in disgust and I am left with half a fence.

What if they think I am the guy from the big gay following and am clearing house to ask them “Fancy a Bum?”

Much safer I hold it in and contort in pain until they finish!