Man Rules broken, with international exposure

Posted by Blokeman on October 14, 2008 under General Bloke Stuff, Serious Side | 2 Comments to Read

Not even 24 hours after posting 3 of the most fundemental and basic rules of being a man, have I come across one of the rules, that I thought went without saying, the rule breaking as well is on a scale so large that it has reached international news status.

So heinous is the breaking of the rules I can barely bring myself to publish this.

However this site and rule breaker need to be outed!

What is the rule I hear you ask?

  • Rule 4: No man, excepting for on his bucks night, Mad Monday footy team celebrations or for comical appeal, shall wear womens clothing, wearing of womens clothing and attempting to make it Manly is a crime against all who have penis knocking between their thighs. Rule breakers should be shamed and forced to watch movies such as Rocky, Dirty Dozen, The entire collection of Chuck Norris shows and movies and last but not least, should watch at least 24 hours worth of Lesbian Porn, to hopefully drill it out of them.
  • Rule 4, Sub-section a: If during the viewing of the Lesbian Porn, the perpetrator of the heinous act again Manliness, utters any line such as “Wow I like her dress” or comments at all upon the lovely actresses clothing, apart from saying “She is wearing too many clothes” the man shall immediately hand in his penis to the nearest surgeon and be forced to become a full time woman, banning them from a spot on the couch during any cricket, football or car racing event.

You have been fairly warned people

Grasshoppers, did you know they bite?

Posted by Blokeman on December 7, 2007 under General Bloke Stuff | 30 Comments to Read


Look, I am not scared to admit it, but some things just creep me out. As much as being a bloke is important, somethings just don’t fall under that umbrella, and to me that is Grasshoppers. These creepy disgusting insects, are quite clearly the spawn of Satan and should be eradicated from this earth or at least treated with a fair amount of disdain and CAUTION. Read more of this article »