Personas around the world

Posted by Blokeman on July 30, 2014 under Observations | Be the First to Comment

Within the last year I picked up Mrs and mini-blokeman and relocated the blokeman family over to the Netherlands, Amsterdam in fact. Just the place for a guy like me I guess.

However the move has come with its fair share of culture shock and culture adjustment, the Dutch are a unique people, they do not deserve their international reputation for being rude. In fact I think the idea of calling them rude is a misunderstanding of just raw and abject bluntness. It is rude it is honesty, there is no malice in what they say or do, it is just an over-arching expectation that the entire world bend to fit them into their considerations. It is an overall idea that they have a right to do whatever they do, and therefore will do it. A dutch person will always do anything they can simply because they can do it. This is part of what makes them such great entrepreneurs, they don’t get caught up in silly consideration such as how their actions will affect another. Read more of this article »