My Night is Dark and Empty, when you’re not on TV

Posted by Blokeman on August 13, 2008 under General Bloke Stuff | Be the First to Comment

Some days I start work and periodically trawl the news sites looking for some interesting snippet that keeps me up with what is going on in the world, and occasionally makes me look more intelligent than I am by being able to discuss current events with high-brow collegues and friends, the one problem being that the news I am oft attracted to is far from high-brow and beyond being able to make basic mention of the ongoing Zimbawe issues, I tend to get back to the murders and crimes that have occurred.

Once again today was no different in that regard, but the peice of low brow news that I came across has got me so jittery with excitement I can barely contain myself and I am doing all I can not to leave a puddle on the ground.

My dear friends, what I found was that that Hawaii Five-0 is being remade into a TV series, it isn’t exactly a remake but will instead follow Steve McGarretts son and his Five-O adventures, at this stage it is unclear as to whether there will be a Danno in the series but I find it hard to believe they would lose that oh so squeel worthy catch cry of “Book ‘em Danno”.

I am sure you all will join me in my excitement. Ever since the announcement this morning I have been digging through the cupboards looking for my old VCR and DVD copies of the original and have had Radio Birdman’s “Aloha Steve and Danno” playing on the radio.

Nothing could ruin this day…..nothing. The blokiest of bloke shows is back, surfing, police work, sun, moustaches (I hope), ahh it had it all.

so for now…..Book ‘em Danno!

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All men stand up and rejoice, Movember is once again upon us. What is Movember I hear you ask? Well Movember is the month formally known as November, the month when all men can revel in the manliness of their facial hair. I know for

real men like myself in reality Movember holds no real significance, since I already sport a manly butch tash that would make even Merve Hughes and David Boon quiver and cower it’s site.

However what is different about Movember is that we can get recognised for doing it, raise some “tash cash” for charity. The whole month is essentially a charity to highlight male health issues and also to sport a killer 70’s and 80’s tash to be proud of, but there are rules to follow.

1. Once registered, each Mo Bro must begin on the 1st of Movember with a clean shaven visage. Five-o’clock shadows at 10 am are considered ‘false starts.’ (participants will have to take their own ones and mail them no later than 11am on the 1st)
2. Each gentleman’s moustache must, through the entire month of Movember, adhere to the following guidelines:
a. At no time shall the aforementioned ‘mo’ join the sideburns — that’s a beard.
b. At no time shall the gentleman’s chin hair overshadow the Mo’s brilliance, nor may it join at the sides of the Mo — that’s a goatee.
c. For gentlemen who crave balance above all things, we will permit growth of a patch of the man’s own design under his bottom lip (aka a soul patch).
d. At no point may a gentleman’s eyebrows connect to the moustache. We most definitely do not endorse this.
3. Failure to observe these guidelines will, at the complete discretion of the Movember Committee, result in an embarrassing ejection from further Movember activities, including the Gala Parté. You do not desire this.
4. The Movember Committee accepts no responsibility for requests of heroism, increased female affection resulting in the alienation of girlfriends, increased senses of self-satisfaction, or any other of the potential side-effects of sporting a Movember mo.

So it’s time to stand up and be men, well at least for one month, grow your mo and wear it proud boys.

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