A world gone mad

Posted by Blokeman on November 15, 2007 under Serious Side | Be the First to Comment

Look I am not always one to frown upon the actions of other people, races etc. I mean each to their own, I am busy enough what, with Beer, the pub, sport and sleeping to really bother. However in another perusal of the news this morning I came across an article that made me wince.

The headline read “Female rape victim gets 200 lashes, jail” straight off the bat, my mind didn’t comprehend the title, it skipped the “victim” and I assumed a fairly corporal style punishment for a rapist, then I read on, perhaps I shouldn’t because every time I do, I continue to wonder what the fuck has gone wrong with this world, and can’t help but envy my distant ancestors and their life of picking and eating fruit in trees, breeding avoiding predators, ah those would have been the sweet days, those furry, long tailed quadrupeds knew what it was all about.

Hell even these guys had the right idea. Walking around naked, waving sticks and just generally being guys, oh how i envy them.

human ancestors

Though somewhere between our tree climbing, stick carrying past and now, we developed enough brains to become consciously stupid, I hope to coin that phrase, I really do.
It took millenniums of evolution to grow a brain that is large enough for us to really do stupid things and it took the ability to reason to understand them as stupid, I guess now the best thing we can hope for is that the universe stops expanding and we can go into backwards evolution and eventually become survival motivated creatures with no ability to reason.

Now my point has become a little bit, shall we say lost above, but that is just the way that my brain works. However what I am trying to say is that when did humans,

a) Decide Rape was a good idea
b) Decide that rape is the fault of the victim

What scares me about the article is I can actually see part of their logic in the thinking that “If she wasn’t in the car with men that were not in her family”. I don’t agree with it but I see their logic.
The problem with our ability to reason and our consciousness is that we become human, but we forget to treat everyone else like humans. These, and I say this at the risk of being persecuted by extreme Islam, neolithic, backward thinking, unfeeling lunatics haven’t stopped to sympathise with the poor girl at the heart of this, but have instead decided to make her a further victim. Some people never recover from the horror of rape and these people want to scar her further.

How can anyone first of all rape a person?
How can they then place any blame on the victim?

I am not a religious man, and I treat all religions with the same level of disdain, when are we going to move on from the ideas and stories of people from a past when forward thinking was packing enough food for your Donkey and you in case a sand storm whipped up?

Cut this poor girl some slack and punish the assholes who put her in this situation, I worry for all the women who are persecuted like this and I worry at what this world has become, I am sure that when we first walked from the trees and began to utter words, our thoughts were not of how we can punish, how we can take from people and how we treat anyone the way that people get treated in this world. If there is a god, I am sure that unless that god is a sick sadistic being, that this was not their will, this was not their intention.