Grasshopper, Rhinoceros beetles, Praying Mantis…..what next

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Every day I become more and more surprised at the wildlife around me in this new home state of mine, and that people do not live in constant fear of being attacked and eaten by grasshoppers and their entourage of insanely huge insect buddies that roam in gangs around the neighborhood with a blood lust and evil intent.

I am sure you may have read in the past my various post on grasshoppers and their pure evil that emanates from them in every waking moment of their horrible lives.

Well recently the family of bugs invading my work sanctuary known as “The office” which is a room that has been built as part of the garage. I suspect the cat has something to do with it still, but as of yet I can’t prove it, though she has taken to sleeping on my underwear in the cupboard and surprising me when I go to grab a fresh pair in the morning. All part of her plan for world domination I am sure.

Recently there has been a Praying Mantis about the size of  an iPhone perched on the screen door to the office, every time I walk past it rocks back and forth ready to pounce at my jugular. I took a photo, but haven’t had a chance to upload it so stay tuned for photo’s of my friend Sticky!.

Then last Saturday night as we sat there watching a movie we heard one of our dogs alerting us to the presence of game, after all Cav’s were hunting dogs at one stage. His alert bark was then drowned out by an almighty hissing.
“My god” I thought to myself, “what has he got there, a cat the size of a mountain lion?”

Rhino the Rhinoceros beetle

Rhino the Rhinoceros beetle

So out I trudged to check it out, and what did I find, a massive Rhinoceros Beetle, laying on it’s back with my dogs looking at it with curiosity. Then I heard it hiss, it was this “tiny” beetle about the size of a golf ball making a noise that sounded like a cat hissing. Not impressed I quickly grabbed a jar and imprisoned the little angry bugger to show my fiance who was stuck on the couch with a broken leg. The little bugger wouldn’t stop hissing, so he took a vacation over the fence, and let me tell you he sounded like a golf ball hitting the ground too!

What next?

Cane Toads I assume!

Grasshoppers, did you know they bite?

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Look, I am not scared to admit it, but some things just creep me out. As much as being a bloke is important, somethings just don’t fall under that umbrella, and to me that is Grasshoppers. These creepy disgusting insects, are quite clearly the spawn of Satan and should be eradicated from this earth or at least treated with a fair amount of disdain and CAUTION. Read more of this article »