On a serious note: Paranoia and redneck Australia

Posted by Blokeman on November 14, 2007 under Serious Side | Read the First Comment

It isn’t often that I get too serious, it isn’t often I read the news for much more than checking whether the price of beer or petrol has gone up, or the weather to whether I will be drinking in the pub or the park.

However on one of my new perusals I came across the following story http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,22762751-29277,00.html and was absolutely disgusted. When did good old Australia become the paranoid sepo land, the United States?

I remember the heady days when your biggest fear was that bloke on the corner who hated your skateboard, or whether you would have enough for a slab for that BBQ on the weekend. Now it seems fear and paranoia is creeping into our society like a cancer. It doesn’t help that, the one eyebrow twit “Little Johnnie Howard” seems to want to jump into bed with the chronically stupid George W Bush. his love fascination does not have to effect us, what happened to our lifestyle?

Before little Johnnie, everyone loved Aussies, well apart from the Kiwi’s but who gives a turd about them anyway? You could go anywhere in the World, people would hear your accent and then know right away all you cared about was a beer and the surf conditions and that you weren’t there to bother anyone. Now it seems that with little johnnie doing horsie rides on the back of George W all the way into Iraq and Afghanistan has put us smack bang in the middle of the map of Dick Heads with a big fuck-off star on top.

Not content with this little Johnnie decides that he needs to spread his fear and paranoia internally, whether it be interest rates, economy or terrorism, the little worm who hates the worm, is doing all within his power to scare us into keeping him in power. Read more of this article »