Mind Your own effing business

Posted by Blokeman on March 3, 2008 under General Bloke Stuff | Be the First to Comment

Seriously what is it with people these days, always wanting to get involved in other peoples business and sticking their noses in where they just aren’t welcomed.

Last week I was driving a grand total of 300-400 metres to pick up my girlfriend in the pouring rain so she wouldn’t get soaked. I loaded my dog in the car with me as he had been inside all day and headed off out of the garage. My dog layed down with his head and body across my lap and went to sleep. Now my dog is not a big one, he is a King Charles and still a puppy, so he is hardly in the way, in fact he isn’t. When I pulled up at the lights he jumped up and stuck his head out for a second, I put him over to the passenger seat, he laid down on my lap again.

Now it is important to note that he only stuck his head out the window when the car was stationary and I put him straight down where he was not in the way.

At the next set of lights on this extremely light traffic road in an Industrial Factory area and this bloke pulls up in a massive four wheel drive next to me, winds his window down and says to me, “How can you control your vehicle safely like that?”.

I replied, “Well I seem to be managing it fine thanks”.
He said, “Don’t be an idiot mate, what if you have an accident?”
“Then that will be my fault, I don’t complain about you driving a big fucking four-wheel drive in Suburbia do I?, so mind your own fucking business!”
“You could kill someone”
“What by having a dog asleep on my lap, I am driving 50 more metres and not getting above 40KM and hour, hardly dangerous, so chill the fuck out”

The argument continued pretty much along the same lines, eventually I ended it by turning to him and telling him.

“If you don’t shut up and mind your own fucking business, I might fucking Kill someone in a second”, I punctuated this with a well timed and aimed stare that suggested the conversation were over. I lea

Shotgun Rules

Posted by Blokeman on November 27, 2007 under General Bloke Stuff | Read the First Comment

A number of weeks ago, my girlfriend, two friends and myself were headed out to dinner, we had previously decided that we would leave from my girlfriend and my place, in her car. Once we were all ready to go, we walked out and I called shotgun, knowing full well that i was within the right to call it at this time.

Not satisfied with this, another member of the group disputed my right to shotgun and started to introduce line of site rules outside the generally excepted rules of shotgun (i.e. once outside the house, shotgun can be called, regardless of whether then entire traveling party is outside or not) further discussion was had on the short walk down stairs and to the car.

It seems that despite my insistence on many of the generally accepted rules, the other party member was a gaper, and the best thing that i could do at that point would be to just let him have the shotgun position whilst I crammed into the back of the car….Jordan, I’m looking at you.

So for future reference I went back in search of the shotgun rules that I was sure I knew, and I came across this site. I want to pass it on to all as i think a global unity in shotgun rules can only benefit us all as a society. So please take a moment to read the following site, and further still grab a copy of the book and save us all http://www.shotgunrules.com/