Animal Hospitals

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Oh Dear!

Oh Dear!

My partner often says that I am weird, I try to retort with the fact that I am eccentric, until it dawns on me, I am not rich enough to be eccentric, so am resigned to being weird.

One thing recently raised this comment from my dear partner, we were driving a long and we went past two veterinaries however instead of being called a “Vet” they instead had “Animal Hospital” written as their name, seeing one, went unnoticed, but seeing the second brought a chuckle out of me, and my partner asked what I was laughing at, so i broke into the following:

“Every time I see “Animal Hospital” it raises pictures in my head of dogs and cats laying on their backs in hospital beds like humans with IV drips in them and heart monitors, and cats dressed as Nurses walking around and dogs dressed as Doctors, with stethoscopes and all, talking to the other patients. Kind of like the animal version of Scrubs.

And the cat nurses walk up to a bed with another cat in it, but then they realise it is another cat, so they start hissing and mowing at each other, and a big cat fight ensues, then the dogs join in and it becomes a big mess, then it Droopy the dog walks in in a white jacket and says “Oh Dear” and starts to try to calm everything down.

And Wiley Coyote is laying in a bed in the corner all wrapped in plaster and bandages with his leg up in one of those leg slings, and all you can see is like a mummy outline of Wiley Coyote, but just his eyes are showing, and then just outside the curtain, Road Runner is talking to a dog in a jacket in hushed tones to see whether Wiley will survive”

All of this popped into my head in a matter of about 2 seconds, so I explained it all to my partner, who chuckled a little, looked at me very strangely out of the corner of her eye and said “You’re Weird”, but seriously, what else am I supposed to think when you call a place an Animal Hospital?

A salute to Manliness: Shark Punching

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Like extreme Ironing some sports are just beyond me, whilst this is not a sport, I think it has merit for a later inclusion in the Olympics if not in London, shortly after.

Essentially some guy in Florida was walking his dog, he sent it in to fetch it’s ball, where a 1.5 metre long shark came up to the surface and tuckered into the dog (not being a fan of little terriers, I reckon he should have let the shark have it’s snack) but instead of saying good bye to poochm this bloke showed extreme blokiness and dove headlong into the water, punching the shark in the back of the next and saving his dog.

So to this man…we give you a blokeman salute of blokiness……but we bet you wouldn’t have jumped in if it was your wife!

Full story here

Everybody needs good neighbors – A follow up

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The one or 2 regular loyal readers of this blog will remember my post a few weeks ago, about the classy neighbors I am surrounded with. The relationship has not been perfect but there is a great deal of blissful ignorance of each other going on and that has made the living arrangement workable, but uncomfortable.

Over the past month we have been overly cautious about the noise the dogs make, even though it is next to nothing, other neighbors in the block have gotten onside and well everyone thinks the bloke is taking the piss.

We have now become the flavour of the month with the little old lady across the street, but I have these nightmare visions that it is going to become like that movie “duplex” where crazy old lady keeps taking me away from my work to do little chores to the point I go insane and have to sell up……but it isn’t that bad yet, just had to change a light bulb and agreed to let her park in one of my Garages over Christmas….so far!

However the best neighborhood news of late is that, on my way from the shops this morning, I noticed a brand new “For Sale” sign out the front of the blokes house next door, looks like the owner is selling up from underneath them and the renters are going to have to go!

2 down, barking dog house to go!