All right stop, Collaborate and listen

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110813_vanilla_ice_465_apBlokeman is back with a brand new invention. Well nothing really new, however after not even looking the site for several years, yesterday I decided to have a look at the site and see if it was still intact and running. To my surprise apart from a few missing images, the site more-or-less is all in one piece.

Having a read through some of the original posts sparked that irritated irrational and immature blokeman that sits just barely contained beneath my skin. The beast has awoken. Well not really not the beast, but reading back through my immature ramblings and observations has really opened up a craving for creative expression and an outlet for the varied and bizarre thoughts that cross my mind on a day to day basis, as well as an avenue to unleash my frustrations that the world provides.

Luckily in line with this, my life has taken several turns of late, and major changes mean that I am daily gaining fresh perspectives on this world and those who inhabit it. An overseas relocation means I am learning about a new culture, much the same as the culture shift and shock I was exposed to in moving to the country from the city.

Where did I move? Those who know me will know, and those that don’t will learn that when I start to eject my angst out onto the interwebs. The choice of places I relocated to has enough angst to keep me going for years, the culture I moved into certainly has it’s oddities and a certain beauty to its ebbs and flows.

We may have an additional contributor coming on board, lets just call him Rad Racer for now

A world of change

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As always, my posts of late have been lax. The world of Blokeman has changed so much, and my time and desire to be the bloke I once was has slowly whittled away to that of a far more functioning adult.

Of all the biggest change in my life has been the birth of my Daughter, something that has changed my core values, the way I think and all that I live for. Never before has something so strongly shaken the foundations of my life, it is amazing that something so small at birth, can be so big in a more metaphysical sense.

When the news broke, that my wife was pregnant, I had planned on blogging my experience as I knew it would be a roller coaster ride. My wife is not known for her stable moods and these were bound to be made worse by the rush and increase of hormones that were now circulating her system. However life got in the way, and the excitement and drama was something I wanted to live and experience rather than write about and share. To some degree I regret that decision as there were so many opportunities to amuse the world with my simultaneous joy and misery, and there were stories that I would love to have written down fresh to share with my daughter as she ages, before they are lost in the ether and fog of my memory.

As it stands now, my daughter will be turning one in a little over a month and the experience has been golden, it will go down as easily the best thing I have ever experienced in my life, even when you throw in the sleepless nights and utter distress you feel at times, every day brings new joy and new smiles and the bond and love that is there, grows stronger every day, the first 5 days of her life were spent in hospital, and I spent every day of that from, sunrise to late at night holding her in my arms, and they are precious memories that I will never forget.

So with such a massive change to the way i think, feel and do things, it is my hope that I can now retrospectively relate some of the stories and experiences to you, of course with the classic Blokeman comedic style added, where appropriate. Some of the people that read the blog from time to time or stumble across some of my old world of thoughts, may not be interested, some may, but I would dearly like to re-ignite this site as all people should have a place to put their thoughts, even if some of those thoughts are mundane and probably should not have been shared publicly.

I’ll endeavor to start retrospectively chronicling my journey in the next few days so stay tuned.

The world is my Urinal: Queensland style

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When I grew up I was taught from a young age, that being male came with the benefits, one of those is that the world is my urinal. I remember as a young fella, being at the beach, park or wherever with the family and needing some relief. Upon informing my parents, I would always be told to just “go over there” and this was not something unique to me or my family. Even to this day it isn’t a rare site to see a kid standing proudly and peeing in the bushes, I guess the only difference is that, nowadays I am old enough to know better, and be fined for public urination.

As I grew older I tended to become as you would expect, somewhat wiser, and as you would expect, I learned the ability to control my bladder better, and hold out for a suitable location to relieve myself.

However, 4 years ago I moved to Queensland, Australia, and in doing so have come to realise, that either Queenslanders are not taught to use toilets, or they truly believe in the saying “The world is my Urinal”.
My first introduction to this was at a BBQ of some people we had only recently met and, obviously after a number of beers, I needed to use the bathroom, being the surprisingly polite person that I am, I asked the host, where their bathroom was.

“Mate just go anywhere over there” he replied, with a sweeping movement of his arm indicating some 200+ Square metres of land in which to urinate.
“nah seriously man, I am not going to piss in your yard” I replied
“Poof” he said, as he proceeded to walk over to his fence and just start pissing on it…….

When in Rome I figure, and found my own fence paling to paint yellow.

However I could never quite shake the feeling that I was doing something wrong, at every party and opportunity I still prefer to use the toilet rather than someones yard.

What strikes me as amusing though is that at my last house some of my Queensland friends would walk past the toilet to go piss in yard. I mean seriously, why walk past, and further than the toilet to piss, or worst still was another friend, who at times would piss, just outside the toilet window in the garden……crazy man.

I guess, it’s better than pissing in the spare bedroom….but that’s another story altogether……