Mummy Does the biggest Poo Poos, Parenting done right

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It is amazing how quickly your world quickly revolves entirely around your child, gone are the days of parties every week, staying out all night, lots of disposable income and just general irresponsibility. This all becomes replaced quickly with a deep desire to sleep whenever you can. You miss the days where you were able to sleep in until all hours and behave in any way that suited you. You were on your own schedule and now are on the schedule of another being who seems to have boundless energy and a desire for your attention all day every day.

It starts innocently enough, the child needs you, they need you to feed them, then to bath them and change them, before you know it, they need your wisdom, they need you to give them piggy back rides and play barbies. How do you even play barbies anyway?

However whilst all of this sounds dreadful, it isn’t t really is a wonderful experience, and my soul purpose and source of joy in this world is seeing a smile on my daughters face, I will stay awake through my own sickness, pain and utter and complete exhaustion merely for the benefit of her.

On top of that I am constantly rewarded through things that make me genuinely belly laugh, conversations that you have with kids that you couldn’t have with any serious adult. Your day is filled with stories they make up, things they imagine and things they dream of. Their world is one of such simple joy, their desires are more or less, Play, Chocolate milk, play some more, see other kids, climb on Daddy, get Daddy’s attention, play with Daddy, eat some more, and so on.

Anyway, I kind of meant to get to a point here that I haven’t really touched on and that was a conversation I had with my daughter. I know it has been done before and these conversations always seem funnier to the parent than they do to anyone else, however I will share anyway, because well I can.

There are times when you have conversations with your kids that you realise that they are looking for comfort or validation and just want to be assured. Sometimes that is hard and being a Dad for me, means being both fun, and clever, as well as making sure it is clear you are the parent. I like to fill my daughters world with wonder and amusement and make sure she knows it is ok to be a kid, and to be a kid as long as she can.

Recently my daughter had to use the bathroom, she is only 3 so still needs help with the bottom wiping part. Whilst sitting there with me hovering around outside the bathroom door, my daughter says.

Daughter: “Daddy, do Mummy and Daddy do Poo Poos?

I immediately twigged that this was a situation where my daughter was feeling a little insecure about the process and needed some encouragement so the following conversation ensued.

Me: “Yeah, Dad does huuuge poo poos”

Daughter: “Yeah?”

Me, holding up my hands to indicate about the size of a sausage dog: “Actually, Daddy does Poo poos this big”.

Daughter: “Yeah sometimes I do big poos too.”

Me: “Yeah, and sometimes small poo poos”.

At this point I wipe her bottom for her, and then as we are walking out of the bathroom just in earshot of her mother I offer up the following

Me: “Mummy does the biggest poos though”

At this point my wife yells out something from downstairs and my daughter and I run off to play in her room out of punching distance from her mother. To this day, she still tells us how Mumm does the biggest poo poos………to me that is parenting well done.

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