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Posted by Blokeman on August 23, 2010 under Serious Side, Women | Read the First Comment

Whilst sitting out at dinner with Wifey recently she made me pause so she could take a photo of the meals put before us. This got me thinking and looking back I realised that she has always done this. So I thought further back into the foggy depths of my memory and realised that she is not the only one of my partners who has taken photos of our meals when we are out to dinner.

No matter how I look at it, I struggle to grasp the logic involved in photographing our food. I mean it surely isn’t like you are going to print it out and put it in a photo album of “All the meals we have eaten together” and if you are, I am sorry but that is just plain creepy.

Don’t get me wrong I understand the romance side of things, but pulling out a camera should by and large be left for the bedroom and tourist attractions. In all honesty, I just want to eat my meal whilst it still has thermal nuclear properties and isn’t getting on the cold side. I can’t foresee a time in the future where I will site back and think, hmmm you know, I wouldn’t mind going through all those old photos of the dinners we have eaten. Hell I can’t even imagine saying to any kids I may have in the future “And this is the panfried Sea Trout that we had, ooh and that’s the lemon sorbet we had for desert”. I am all for torturing my children through boredom but even I have limits to my mental cruelty.

I decided to question Wifey on what her reasoning was behind this, and her response chilled me to the bone. Before I offer it to you I should give you some background. Some friends of ours were in town and heading out to dinner, they asked for some suggestions, so we offered up some of the nicer eateries in the town that we have found to be both delicious, well services and reasonably priced. These friends however, decided to ignore our advice and went to an all you can eat Chinese buffet. I know everyone has different tastes, but please, lets be reasonable here, why have buffet chinese, when for the same price you can have a specialty cooked gourmet dinner?

Now despite what may otherwise be assumed of my nature, I am actually a fairly passive and patient man, sure I have my pet peeves, intricacies and mental health issues, but by and large I am an easy going, if slightly psychotic person and let things go fairly easily. So the above, was something I simply shrugged off as not impacting my life at all….but wifey?…no her reasoning for photographing the meal was so that she could show our friends what they missed out on, and stick it to them…….is that not one of the scariest things you have heard.

I take this as further proof that women are just plain crazy, and should be restrained to the kitchen and kept away from the BBQ……right?

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  • Moises said,

    HA! I get it. While not in exactly the same place as you, the last 8 mtnohs have been a wild ride for me. The week I got married, my writing work just about fell off the cliff, leaving me on the negative side of zero (great honeymoon, and an even better way to start a marriage!)…and left me scrambling for something. Anything. I applied for everything from being a dog walker to a teacher to more writing gigs. In the end, I’m now a writer, editor, church janitor, and spreadable cheese salesman (did hummus for a while, but there’s just more money per hour in cheese, and my back doesn’t hurt as much at the end of the day).I tried to quit the cheese and janitorial when the writing picked up a bit. Turns out, that was too soon. So now I’m back to scrubbing toilets and slanging cheese…and I’ve got all the ****ing work I need!Hang in there. You’re an inspiration…you and your aches and pains!

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