blokeman…got married… emasculating

Posted by Blokeman on February 7, 2010 under General Bloke Stuff | Be the First to Comment

Long had I held the suspicion that the little golden ring that was placed upon a ladies finger, held magical powers, powers such as the ability to utter “Where’s my dinner” and still manage to get dinner, keep your teeth and sleep in your own bed. But alas men, don’t be fooled, that little golden ring, is but another shackle for women to place upon you.

“Do you see a ring on this finger” was a phrase made popular by Eddie Murphy, and it left a generation of men sitting there, believing that the outlandish shit proposed by our dear friend eddie, would all be possible once we placed that little slither upon our fair ladies hand…….but no men…don’t believe it, it’s just a way for your bitch to show that she owns you.

It’s been one week and Blokeman has has lost a massive part of his blokiness, well to an extent anyway.

Thankfully blokewife…..or as she has been known for the last week “Wifey” understands what it means to a blokeman to be a bloke, and a wonderous thing happened this week, you see Wifey works in advertising sales, and this week she visited a homebrew beer store, in here region trying to sell some advertising in her paper. Oldmate, and an honoury blokeman legend and possibly someone more blokey than I, managed to get Wifey to have a free glass of homebrew beer, enough that she came home telling me she enjoyed it. Now there is an upside and a downside to this

1) UPSIDE:Wifey can handle drinking beer
2) DOWNSIDE: Wifey may want to drink MY beer….there was nothing in our vows about that though

So me and Mr Homebrew need to have a word about priorities and a man’s beer is his beer and not Wifeys. But one thing I have to praise the man for is that when Wifey was in there he showed her the “Keginator” and wifey said that once we have paid off the last of the wedding, she is taking me in there to get one and a full keg setup…….oh how I love homebrew man now :)