GeoCaching……. and my family think I am a geek

Posted by Blokeman on January 13, 2009 under General Bloke Stuff | Be the First to Comment

I guess working in IT instantly qualifies you as a geek. In a way I am sure it does as well, however I like to maintain that I am not your A-typical geek. Sure I work on computers, run a few websites and don’t mind the odd technology gadget. However in my book that is work, and all my sites etc, are either a creative outles or business venture. My time outside of work largely consists of anything but IT. I spend more time out at the beach, doing home maintenance and generally avoiding the computer than is humanly possible.

So for years my family ridicule me for being the only non-tradesman in the family as if it is some form of effeminate thing not to want to toil away behind tools all day for less pay than I can get perched behind my computer at home.

However, now the tides have turned and I can happily smother my family with the ridicule they once reserved for me. Geocaching has swept through them, a craze like a wild fire. I take such wicked delight in reminding them as oft as possible of the sorts of single 30 something men with only their mothers for friends, who generally partake in this activity globally.

They have provided me of tales where they have bumped into fellow geocachers and described exactly the type of social retards you would expect of this sort of activity, red haired, freckle-faced with coke-bottle glasses.

In short now my Family are NERDS eeegads