Prison Break

Posted by Blokeman on July 31, 2008 under General Bloke Stuff | Be the First to Comment

I don’t really have a lot to add on the subject of Prison Break but why won’t it just end?

I mean I am quite sure that life on the run is far from easy and there likely are a lot of twists and turns, but there is a point when it just becomes ludicrous, and Prison Break quickly reached that close to the end of the 1st season, yet we are still bombarded with this shit on TV.

I mean honestly there are more ridiculous twists in this show that unkempt pubic hair (See manscaping). There must have come a point when the writers just said “Fuckit, we are already contracted and paid out for another few seasons, lets see how far we can push this bullshit”. I mean once they broke out of prison, any reasonable thinking human being would have thought “Ahh it was a good run, a great concept, but now the prison has been broke, surely we can not fool the public and TV execs”, clearly the writers added in auspicious tones “…..or can we?”

Last night as I was attempting to sleep the little lady had the television on, and whilst I admit it is sometimes hard not to watch, my interest mainly lays with finding out what absolutely bizarre and outlandish way the plot will twist to add another continuing episode to the show. Actually I could handle it if it were just a twist to include a continuance, however it is twist upon twist upon twise, some of them so extremely unneceasary that you wonder how much the production budget for the show is.

At one point I imagine it may have been quite exciting to me, but of late, all I care about is it finally ending. Honestly if I were one of the Schofields I would have topped myself by now. Far easier than living their lives.

I can’t really be bothered finishing my whinge, but I will say that this show has so many twists that you could be forgiven for thinking it was a season finale week on Ramsay Street!

When ego’s go wrong

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This morning I suffered a few technical problems with my work account, and at the same time got sick of a little firefox bug when loading a java applet that makes your cursor point lock so effectively makes you type backwards.

I thought I would do a quick search to see if there is an actual fix for this yet, during which time I came across the following image

oh dear lord

Someone had this as their Avatar, which lead me to think the following

1 – WTF was this guy thinking when he took the photo? I have the feeling it went along the lines of “Look how good, and tough and sexy I look, look at my guns (in all senses of the word)”

2 – Why would someone have this as their Avatar, I mean all it says to me is the guy who uses it as the Avatar must be the guy in the photo, if he isn’t he will now be forever associated witht he photo.

eegads man, I need to go wash my eyes with Acid after seeing that photo

Entomologists have such a whacky sense of humour

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Well, some of you may remember a while ago, me letting you into a little information about my phobia of Grashoppers and the details as to why. (

Though this post was written somewhere in the distant past I received the following comment just last week

“Josue Gomez Says:
I have bean studying bugs all my life and i do know this about grasshoppers.They do bite, but not near powerful enough to penetrate your first layer of skin.Their eyes (like all eyes) are for seeing not to stare through your soul. And their “penis” is probably just poop.”

Well Mr Bug studier, thank you for your rather clinical explanation of the world, I am sure your details have enlightened many and made the world just a slightly more beige place.

You mean to tell me, they are just mere reactionary instinctual creatures and not actually the spawn of satan as I was foolish enough to suggest? Do you honestly mean that grasshoppers are not out to get me and are you in fact suggesting that I may just be slightly paranoid when it comes to the whole evil green little bug thing?

Surely sir you can not be suggesting that my post was not in jest, surely you are not evil enough yourself to attempt to strip all humour from this world with your study of bugs.
I now see that this is the goal of entomologist everywhere, you and your bug friendly cronies traverse the internet in search of any parody you can find, and with a crusade like force, swiftly drain what amusement some might gain from it.

Actually…..I just figured it out. You are a Grashopper, aren’t you…..