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Spooning has to be one of the worlds simplest but greatest pleasures, last night whilst I laid on the couch spooning my dog, whilst my partner nursed our new puppy, I thought how odd it is that, whilst on the couch I like to be the big spoon, especially when it comes to the dog, always the big spoon, you knw dominance and all that shit.

However in bed, I prefer to be the little spoon, all snuggled in tight, tits pressed against my back, no long hair in my face *spit* as you have to get rid of it, then the fan gently blows it across your lips and it feels like a bug is walking on there! oh yeah, make me the little spoon any day!

How about you, what spoon do you prefer?

Manscaping, an experiment done, a lesson learned

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Following on from the vast soul searching that was carried out in my previous post, about manscaping and whether to venture into the frontier of the nicely trimmed, I chose, for purely scientific reasons to carry out a full scale garden renovation with scissors and razor blade.

With some reservations I did my best Hair dresser impersonation and went to work with the weed whacker clearing a tidy path through the over grown jungle, after some time and a few pairs of blunt scissors, I stood back and inspected my work. “Not to shabby” I thought to myself, this should be fun!

Not content with just trimmed pubes, I figured “What the fuck?” and made a decision I am not completely over yet, and I decided it was time to shave my nads. That’s right, why not have a freshly shawn scrotum to stick to my leg with ball sweat.
So out came the shaving cream…lots of shaving cream, like hell I was taking chances that close to my most valuable posessions, second a new razor blade, so new and sharp I could hear the air sing as it  passed  over it and then, I went past the point of no return, never again can I say “I have never done that” instead I am destined to utter in quiet tones, that yes once I blokeman, shaved my balls.

For those men out there who have tried this, you will probably agree that your average scrotum is not built for shaving, unlike the firm skin on your face, the scrotum is not exactly smooth, so after much fiddling and maneuvering the job was finally complete, and my god doesn’t it feel bizarre.
Sure I can understand the appeal of it to your general lady that enjoy a good tea-bagging but those women are few and far between, so beyond that, I still fail to see the advantage, to me the owner of said nuts!

The lessons learned?

1 – It does make your dick look bigger!
2 – Post-cut, is itchy
3 – Regrowth is even itchier

All in all it was worth trying out, whilst I might stay with the trimming, simply because my todger likes the compliments it gets, I highly doubt a razor will ever be pressed against my balls by my hands again!