Teenage boys, I know it’s wrong

Posted by Blokeman on November 15, 2007 under General Bloke Stuff, Women | Be the First to Comment

I was recently privileged enough to be caught up in a conversation with a few people, some of those were teenage boys of the “age of experimentation” now inevitably as oft comes up with boys of this age, they posed the question, “If you could suck your own dick, would you do it?”, this was accompanied by the stories of “Prince” apparently having a rib removed to do so.Prince -  afreak

Sadly, some of the respondents said that they would, if they could.

Now me being me, I decided to throw a spanner in the works, and just to mess with people minds a little bit. Though before I tell you what that is I feel i should put in the following disclaimer.

DISCLAIMER: This is very very wrong, I don’t know how I thought of it, and wish this and similar oddities wouldn’t pass through my brain.

So that out of the way. I posed the following question: Since you would suck your own dick if you could. If a you from the future came back and offered to suck your dick, or asked you to suck your future you’s dick, would you do it?

I apologise that I had to re-utter that sick and twisted question, but I was essentially trying to prove a point, and i think from the reaction I got that I did. The reactions included my girlfriend looking at me with disgust and asking me not to speak to her for a while, people calling me sick twisted and a number of things, a few girls laughing and every single guy now deciding that sucking their own penis is so very very wrong that they wouldn’t in fact ever carry out the fact.

Although it cost me some dignity and I now get a few odd looks, I feel i won out on the day and my point was successfully proven, though I look like a sicko, at least I stopped others from being sicko’s

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